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Window Installation & Replacement in Maryland

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As a homeowner, you’re probably looking for ways to save on your monthly energy bills. Have you considered replacing your Maryland home’s windows? If your windows are older, they may be causing you to spend extra money each month. Allow the professionals at Wampler & Sons to replace your windows with durable, energy efficient ones. There are many benefits to replacing your home’s existing windows, including:
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Extra safety and security
  • Enhanced aesthetics (both interior and exterior)
  • Higher home value
  • Increased comfort year round
Receive the benefits of new windows by calling Wampler & Sons to schedule replacement in Harford and Baltimore County today!

Signs You Need a Window Replacement

As a homeowner, you understand that windows are one of the most important features of your home. They guard your family and belongings from the elements and help maintain the energy efficiency of your home. Because of this, you need to be aware of the telltale signs signifying you need to schedule replacement. You will likely need to repair or replace your windows if yours:
  • Don’t operate correctly (get stuck, don’t open all the way, etc.)
  • Are drafty
  • Have excess condensation on the pane
  • Have mold growing in the sill
  • Have broken parts (springs, sashes, rotted sills, etc.)
  • Require frequent (and increasingly expensive) repairs
Have you noticed any of these warning signs in your Harford or Baltimore County home? If so, give Wampler & Sons a call at 410-538-5410410-538-5410!

Types of Windows

Choosing your windows can be an intimidating task. There are endless options, which make you wonder if you’re selecting the best make and model for your home. As window installation experts, our team can help you decide on the type that would be a great investment for your home. Some of the options you should consider include:
  • Aluminum windows – Aluminum offers energy efficiency for less than other options on the market today. These windows are also extremely durable and low maintenance which is a win-win for homeowners.
  • Vinyl windows – This option is extremely efficient and requires very little maintenance—making it a popular choice amongst Maryland homeowners.
  • Fiberglass windows – These windows won’t easily rot, rust, warp, bow or crack, which makes them the ultimate choice for homeowners who want efficiency without compromising long-term durability.
  • Wood windows – As one of the most versatile options on the market, wood windows are very popular. If given proper care and maintenance, these windows will outlast all their competitors.
Not sure which type of windows would work best in your Maryland home? Let us help. Contact Wampler & Sons for window installation and replacement.

Why Choose Wampler & Sons?

The team at Wampler & Sons has been providing home improvement and remodeling services to homeowners, like you, throughout Harford County and Baltimore County for more than 15 years. With Wampler & Sons, you can rest easy knowing an experienced team is transforming your remodeling fantasy into a reality. We:
  • Are a family-owned and operated business.
  • Provide quality service at a fair price.
  • Offer free estimates on all home improvement services.
  • Have more than 60 years of experience.
  • Have worked on more than 7,000 homes throughout Maryland.

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Window Installation & Replacement in Harford & Baltimore County

Your home’s windows are an investment that will outweigh their cost right away. Durable windows offer better protection and help improve the energy efficiency of your Maryland home. Don’t put up with drafty windows any longer. Choose Wampler & Sons for your next replacement—you’ll be glad you did! Choose Wampler & Sons for window installation in Maryland. Contact us online or call us at 410-538-5410410-538-5410 to learn more!
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